Saturday, 11 September 2010

I'm in a state of shock.

I have undergone a transformative experience, of the sort one has maybe twice in a liftime. Everything has changed for me. I look up from my special, custom made blogging chair, and see nothing I know or am familiar with.

The reason for all this? The huge, momentous life change?

I tidied my room.

A huge roll of thunder pealed away on the horizon (This might be because I've taken to using to make things seem more dramatic). The earth shook and the heavens screamed.

I discovered something of such great consequence, it has shaken the hallowed halls of academia and overturned theory upon theory.

I have a floor.

It's overturned the 'rubbish compacted to such a level it can take my weight' theory. It's overturned the 'Gravity looks the other way' theory. It's overturned the 'Look, it's just magic' theory. Who'd have thought that underneath the compacted layers of books, clothes, lego, the remains of important pieces of paper and all that's left of a very surprised pigeon (hey, your guess is as good as mine), I found I had an actual floor.

There's a carpet - it's green.

So, to celebrate, I had a mighty feast. (Roast month old pigeon is totally better than you'd think, especially with the strange mushrooms/fungi that were already growing out it's eye.)

Also lurking on the floor: the elixir of life, a sixteenth century scroll revealing the fundamental truth behind the whole cosmos (it's not what you think, and if I were you, I'd be extremely nice to your cat), and my Dad. I thought he'd been quiet recently.

Oh, and with some of the lego I found, I built this:

I know that was an incredibly long buildup for me to post pictures of my lego village, but, hey. The rest are on my flickr here.

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  1. I remember that feeling of shock--walking into a room you cleaned the day before; one normally a sty.