Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Whovian Christmas.

I'm back. Details of how I'm not dead to follow in the new year.

For now, it's christmas - or, more accurately, the night before. Seeing as the Doctor Who Christmas Special is a huge part of any Christmas, here's a tribute to it:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The Ponds, fast asleep, were tucked up in their beds,
With dreams of centurions that raced through their heads.
Their daughter was... somewhere, in time and in space:
They weren't sure of the year. They weren't sure of the place.
Christmas is for family; and yet, all alone,
Amy and Rory slept in their new home.

But what's that at the window? That twinkle of light?
There's something that's out there, that's out in the night!
Surely not HIM? Well, it is Christmas Eve,
But Amy and Rory are too old to believe.
Something amazing was flying out there,
Something impossible streaked through the air,
As magical as the one holy night it flew through,
Something older than old, something bright, something... blue?

A TARDIS, (The Doctor's) was orbiting Earth,
Or, to be more precise, the small town of Leadworth.
At the helm stood a timelord, in a fake bushy beard,
"Merry Christmas, The Ponds, and a happy new year!
I've fought with Sontarans, crossed time and crossed space,
I've tangled with daleks, looked death in the face,
I've saved earth (and saved Christmas) at least five hundred times,
So, sing, all you choirs! Ring out all you chimes!"
His sonic screwdriver let out a loud buzz,
And snow fell from the air, as snow seldom does:
A thick blanketing carpet, the Time Lord's festive gift,
A white christmas for Leadworth, in flurries and drifts.
"Rory the Roman! Amelia Pond!"
He took up a red hat, and with apparrel donned,
Shouted to Leadworth, "It isn't a fez!
I'm banned now from that hat - or so River says!
But anyway, Ponds... Pond 1 and Pond 2,
I've just popped by to say 'Merry Christmas!' to you!
And a happy new year, and the rest of all that..."
He paused for a moment, adjusted his hat.
"Well, I'd better be off, I have planets to save,
Daleks to outwit, new adventures to brave!"
And then, with a whooshing like nothing they knew,
The TARDIS took flight, flying into the blue.

"There's something outside!" Amy rushed out of bed,
While her husband tried hard to clear sleep from his head.
Out of the window Amelia peeped,
"It's nothing," said Rory, "Come on, back to sleep."
"But - Rory - it's snowing!" She let in the light,
As the snow still came down on that dark, sacred night.
He smiled. "Happy Christmas. I'd say it's fairly clear
We're hoping we DON'T meet any aliens next year."

Blog to resume in the new year.