Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Exclusive Election News, And CIRCA

So then, the UK looms on the brink of one of the most important general elections for ages - just like they tell us every other election. The election news is the biggest story on the BBC right now, with the exception of a certain Icelandic volcano.

Anyway, here at How To Paint With Ferrets I see myself with a serious journalistic duty to the people of Great Britain, greasing the wheels of this wonderful freedom of democracy.

This is why I surveyed literally two people and I can bring you the exclusive results of my poll, which claim that the person the Great British Public really wants as prime minister is:

Harold Saxon.

I know, Harold. I was shocked too.

Sure, he's mentally unstable and might occasionally try genocide, but he shot the thinly-veiled-George-Bush-Parody and had some killer dance moves. Sorting the economy out? Once Saxon's ruling the world, no one will even care about money anymore! Plus, he has experience as a head of state...
Technically, this is after he was Harold Saxon, but do you see me complaining?

Okay, in all honesty, I wanted to jump on the "Election Comedy Bandwagon", and evidently yesterday's blog post wasn't enough to talk about Doctor Who in. I know, I know: political satire? I feel like a dirty sell out.

But, in other election news, David Cameron got egged, and was apparently stalked for a while by a giant chicken. I admit, the news made me wonder... have CIRCA broken their deep cover? Then, doing a tiny bit more research into CIRCA, I realised that, despite what I've said in previous posts, they're not dead - they just changed websites! And their blog informs me that they're accepting signups for their training camps.

So, on a closing note? This year, Vote Saxon for change! Probably change that will involve setting your house on fire while giggling maniacally, but it's change, of a sort.

I'm Prime Minister, you say?

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