Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Full moon

I like to consider myself a writer of the old school. So, late tonight, as I sat in my rural log cabin, isolated from all civilisation, I looked up from the keys of my typewriter where I was writing this very blog post (which was, at the time, a diatribe about the value of weasels) to see the full moon hanging ominously in the sky in front of me. (Sadly, beneath the moonlight I didn't see a sight that almost stopped my heart. Looks like Michael Jackson's dead for good.)

My Blogging Cabin. Also, my typewriter has microsoft paint.

I know what you're thinking, and, yes, my typewriter can upload to the internet, actually. I installed the whole internet onto it. With a floppy disk. Also, you're probably thinking "Full moon! Why does it matter if it's full moon? Assuming you're not some kind of hippie/pagan who's planning on pulling the whole 'naked cavorting druids' thing around stonehenge, Full Moon shouldn't matter unless you're the variety of twilight fangirl who thinks Bella should have chosen bestiality, not necrophilia!" (and, trust me, dear Internet, I'm not either of those things.)

But full moon is important, and not just because it tends to make children hyper. (My mother, who is a teacher, frequently tells me so: I think she possibly teaches at some twisted version of Hogwarts for mutant wolf children.) It's because every time we look up at the full moon, we remember a tiny bit of that cavorting druid past - it's been such a central aspect in so many myths and legends that we can't help just feeling a little bit like thanking our distant Gods of the hunt when we see it...

... That, or, if you're my mother, an urge to eat raw steak and chase anything that moves quickly. Should I be worried?

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